The Power of Protein

The Power of Protein

Protein is a powerful macronutrient with endless benefits. We use it to build muscle, repair tissue and our hair and nails are made of it. It’s used to make enzymes and hormones, stabilises blood sugar and is a critical component of every cell in our bodies. Protein can also help to control our appetite and boost metabolism making it an effective way to help with weight loss.

So while it is considered to be one of the most important macronutrients, this doesn’t mean it’s always clear how best we can pack it into our diets.

We’ve broken it down and chosen 5 easy ways to incorporate more protein into your day to day life, increasing your intake and reaping the benefits of this muscle-building nutrient along the way. 

1. Add protein-rich ingredients into your baking

That’s right, there are so many ways you can inject an extra bit of protein into your diet when you are doing some baking. Did you know that chia seeds, pecan nuts and nut butters are packed to the brim with protein? How good! So the next time you are whipping up that custard for dessert, throw in some chia seeds and top it with pecans, or swirl some nut butter over your pancakes - you’ll be doing more good for your body than you realise. 

2. Choose eggs over cereal

Eggs are a protein powerhouse, no matter how you cook them and are the best way to start your day. With so many ways to eat them, it’s hard to get sick of them! Keep it simple with fried, poached or boiled eggs or spice things up and get creative with different flavours and ingredients for scrambled eggs or an omelette. You can even whisk up some eggs with banana and cinnamon and have sweet, healthy pancakes in no time! So leave the cereal on the shelf and pack your pantry with eggs.

3. Protein for snacks - always

We all love to snack, right? Whether we are in the office, out on site, sitting watching tv or heading to the gym. Instead of reaching for a packet of chips or a biscuit, try these healthy, protein-packed alternatives that will help to boost your daily protein intake: Crackers with cottage cheese or hummus, yoghurt with chopped fruit, a handful of nuts and seeds or peanut butter with carrot sticks. Yum yum!

4. Bulk up your smoothies with protein powder

Smoothies are great for breakfast, lunch or as a snack and there are so many delicious flavours you can combine together. Think banana, peanut butter, berries, avocado, cacao - your options are endless! Plus, if you add a serve of your favourite protein powder in the mix, you’ll be upping your protein intake ten-fold. We recommend trying either a pea or whey protein powder - whichever you prefer.

5. Swap plain yoghurt for Greek yoghurt

This is an easy one in our opinion - and an absolute winner! Who wouldn’t prefer the thick creamy texture of Greek yoghurt over plain, regular yoghurt? And with nearly double the amount of protein, it’s a no brainer! Just make sure you always go for the plain, unsweetened stuff though, the sugar content in some of those flavoured yoghurts (including greek) can be through the roof!

So there you have it - 5 super easy ways to incorporate some more protein into your diet and help you hit your daily protein intake. You'll feel fuller for longer, curb those cravings and help build or maintain lean body mass while you're at it!