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“Easily my favourite Plant Protein - reasonably priced & tastes amazing ...”

— Richard, Clean Nutrition Pea Protein Customer

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High in Protein, Plant-Based, Great Taste!

Looking for a dairy-free protein powder that’s clean, plant-based and delicious? Made up of 100% Non-GMO Pea Protein Isolate, our Pea Protein offers at least 22g of protein per serving and 4.1g of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), proving that protein doesn't always have to come from whey to really pack a punch!

If you're an athlete looking for a natural pea protein powder to supplement your diet, this nutrient-packed pea protein powder, with 4 mouth-watering flavours, should tick most boxes.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Our Pea Protein Isolate is an amino acid-rich and highly concentrated form of protein, isolated from golden peas, which makes it ideal for vegans. It is also a dairy-free protein source so suitable for the lactose intolerant or for those simply wanting to limit their dairy intake. 

Mix 2 Scoops (30g) with 330ml of chilled water, shake well and consume straight away. You can consume up to 2 serves of pea protein powder per day but this should be in conjunction with a balanced, wholesome diet.

Why Choose Clean Pea Protein?

The peas found in our pea protein isolate are naturally sourced and 100% non-GMO

All our products are proudly blended and packed using clean and simple ingredients right here in NZ.

Our Pea Protein is naturally sweetened keeping sugar content and carb content low.

We are what we say we are - clean, simple and filler-free. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Each serve contains at least 23g protein. Ideal for recovery, supporting weight loss and muscle growth.

Pea protein is naturally gluten-free, making our delicious protein easy on your gut.

Customer Reviews

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Pea protein powder

Excellent product . Great taste, easy to use. Like the vanilla as it goes with the berries I add.


First time ordering the pea protein and loved it. Wild berry flavour very tasty, it mixed really well although I do have a high powered blender. It mixes well in porridge too although you do need extra fluid which I added to preference after the powder. Would buy again.


good product but way too much sodium at 351mg per serve, unnecessary and unhealthy most health concious consumers would prefer less. I reduce usage for this reason. thanks

Vanilla for the win

The wild berry is rancid, do not buy, just stick to the vanilla, that one is fire

Love the taste

I’m super fussy with protein powders, never liked one before but this is one I actually enjoy and look forward to! I get wildberry and add milk and frozen berries and it’s like having real fruit ice cream! Such a treat


Pea protein is a protein that is extracted from yellow peas. It is a high quality protein source that is also high in iron. Pea protein contains all 9 of the essential amino acids as well as some branched-chain amino acids.  

Pea protein is a great option for those with dairy allergies or who may be lactose intolerant. It is absorbed slowly making it a great option for post-workout recovery.

While it is important to get the majority of our protein intake from a wholesome, balanced diet, a protein supplement can be a great option to take alongside this with many benefits.

Our pea protein powder is made from 100% non-GMO peas and is dairy and lactose-free - perfect for those with allergies. It is also a great vegan option.

Just like all protein sources, pea protein powder is filling which is beneficial for those wanting to control their appetite and help with weight loss. It is the perfect go-to snack to fill you up and keep your hunger at bay. It is also absorbed slowly, ideal for post-workout recovery and building muscle mass.

Whey and pea are both rich sources of protein. Typically, whey has a slightly higher protein content but both are fairly low in carbs, fat, fibre and sugar.

While whey comes from milk, pea protein comes from yellow peas and is a great option for those who are lactose or dairy intolerant.   

Both whey and pea protein powder are great protein supplements to take in conjunction with a balanced diet.

There are so many ways to consume pea protein powder - your options are endless! Shake it up in 280ml of water or throw it into your favourite smoothie for some extra flavour and punch. You can even bake with it, try our protein pancakes here!

It is recommended to consume up to two servings of pea protein powder per day however, this can vary from person to person depending on their overall health and fitness goals. 

Consult with your health professional before consuming any more than the recommended serving.